Interested in pianos?

If you are looking for information on pianos, this is certainly a good place to start. I’ve persuaded J Reid Pianos to share their incredibly deep knowledge about pianos and the official J Reid Pianos blog is finally here.

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  1. Welcome to the J Reid Pianos blog. This is going to be a place to find out all about pianos, everyone at J Reid Pianos is passionate about pianos and we want to share our knowledge and enthusiasm on the subject. So, please post a question or respond to what you read here about pianos. Help us build up a wonderful blog about pianos.

  2. Thora Ker says:

    I am often told or have been led to believe that the German pianos are the finest. Sadly I had to get rid of a German baby grand – many years ago, to be replaced by a Korean Yung Chang upright which was convenient as I had left the Academy of Music in Glasgow and was moving South for my career as an Opera Singer and the numerous homes I have lived in throughout my career, finally settling in Essex. I still long for a baby grand – I am a competent pianist and use the piano for teaching and accompanying my students and need an instrument that is sensitive to touch and technique with a good tone and some depth to the bass – certainly better than the Yung Chang. I would love to say that price was no concern but sadly this is not the case – what could I expect to pay for a second hand grand piano that would serve my purpose? What are good makes – not necessarily German – do you sometimes pay for the name?
    I look forward to your response.
    Thank You

    • Terry says:

      Dear Thora,

      Thank you for posting a comment, I’m sure these discussions will provide some useful information about pianos.

      A piano is a very personal choice and even two ‘identical’ models from the same manufacturer can vary slightly in many ways including the touch and tone. There are a huge number of factors that each instrument depends upon.

      When it comes to the German made or German designed pianos there is fairly broad agreement that they are well suited to playing classical music. However, the Japanese made and designed pianos like the Yamaha range can be suited to a broader range of music. This is certainly not a hard or fast rule and there are so many other aspects which should be considered. The acoustics of the room in which the piano is to be played is another consideration. We haven’t yet considered the space available, the budget and various other factors concerning the look and the finish of the piano so that it fits in with the decor.

      You mentioned that you are looking for a depth to the bass, the German Steinway pianos are considered to be superior in that respect and will often attract a price tag to match. The Steinway, Bechstein and many other German pianos here at J Reid Pianos’ north London factory and showrooms are certainly worth trying – there are hundreds of pianos to see here. The prices vary considerably and it may be fair to say that there are many good German designed pianos like our Reid Sohn grand and upright pianos which may offer you the most ‘piano’ for the least cost. However, a fully restored top quality Steinway or Bechstein grand may be preferable to some but has a price that is simply out of reach to most musicians.

      My sincere advice is to try as many pianos as you can – our customers will often spend hours playing different pianos at our factory and showrooms because we have so many on offer.

      Wishing you the best of luck in finding your next piano!

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