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Below is the list of second-hand Japanese Uprights we currently have in stock:

We tend to get new shipments at the end of each month.

Note: the Japanese made Yamaha’s have the highest build quality you will find across all Yamaha ranges.

The majority of the pianos are available to rent, prices start from:
U1’s : £50+VAT /month
U3’s: £55+VAT /month

Please look at our Rental Page for more details.

If you have any questions about the pianos, please contact us on:
Tel: 0208 800 6907
email: sales@jreidpianos.co.uk

Current Stock

When a row turns RED that means the piano is OUT OF STOCK.

Last Updated 13/03/2019




7 Responses to Japanese Upright Stocklist

  1. Jennifer Purvis says:

    Hello John,
    I’m looking for a 2nd hand, small black upright Yamaha and would like to part-exchange it for the cherry wood Samick which I bought from you in March/ April 2012 as new. It was brought to me in St Albans when I couldn’t get my existing Yamaha through the door. All a bit of a rush… you may remember?
    Have you got something appropriate for me.. a small size is v. important. 1970’s onwards..
    Thank you ,

    Jennifer Purvis.. ex GSM@D.

    • John says:

      Hello Jennifer,

      Funnily enough I do remember the job, I would be happy to advise you towards a suitable Yamaha, I do recommend that you pop into our showroom so you can test out some choices. It would be a great help if you could have the measurements of your door and hallway handy, just to make sure we choose the right piano for you.

      If you could email us some pictures of your Samick piano we could get back to you about the part exchange. Our email is sales@jreidpianos.co.uk

      If you would like to discuss any of this over the phone, please leave your telephone number in the email or contact us on: 0208 800 6907

      Kind Regards,

      John at Reids

  2. nadya shah says:

    Hi I am interested in a mini grand piano.
    Please do let me know when or if you do have them in stock
    Mrs Shh

  3. Chris Simmonds says:

    Could you tell me the price of
    Yamaha YUS 3362796 Black 1981
    Yamaha YUS 3659166 Black 1982

  4. Daisy says:


    Could you please let me now the price of those for rent and buy?
    Yamaha U1E 516440 BLACK 1992
    Yamaha U1E 588898 BLACK 2000

  5. looking for second hand Yahama upright U1 /U2 – pref 80s or 90s – can you send a price list?

  6. LILI says:

    Hello,Can you tell me the price of:

    YAMAHA U1A 4089863 Black 1985.
    YAMAHA U1M 3673629 Black 1982

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