Second-Hand Pianos

We have a large selection of second hand upright pianos, please see the list below.

If you are more interested in Japanese second hand pianos, such as Yamahas and Kawais please follow this link to our stock:  Used Japanese Uprights

Our Featured piano is our fully restored Welmar piano:
This item has now been SOLD

Welmar 1 Welmar 2 Welmar 3 Welmar 5

This Welmar (120cm) with ivory keys dates from 1935 and has been fully restored.

Works done on the piano include:

  • Action rebuilt
  • New tapes
  • New leather,
  • New springs,
  • New centre pins
  • New dampers,

The Ivory keyboard has been completely re-felted, with the addition of new bushings in the keys.

The piano has been re-strung with new Bass strings, new steels , new German pins and wire.

Our List of Second-Hand Pianos:

Brand Model Serial (#) Colour Age
Baldwin - 1118844 WAL
Chiba 116cm 18032 BLK
Daneman 116cm 97573 WAL 1976
Fuchs & Mohr 100cm - WAL
Hermann Mayr - R59597 WAL
Horugel WA7 780403 BLK
Kemble Minx - WAL
Lirika 119cm 24860 WAL
Niemeyer 111cm - WAL
Regent F-115 IGA00008 MAH 1992
Regent 112cm - BLK
Samick SU108P IND00541 WAL
Schaefer 111cm A00025 WAL
Schaefer 112cm - BLK
Toyama U1MSC 13295 MAH
Waldstein 120cm 275227 MAH
Welmar 115cm - WAL
Welmar 120cm 59576 WAL
Yamaha MZH D3695202 MAH 1983
Yohayi YU30M 21654 BLK
Zender 100cm - WAL
Zenon UZ-20 81483 BLK