Piano Rental / Hire-to-Buy

J Reid of London offer their new pianos on a Hire-to-buy rental scheme, with prices starting at £35+VAT a month it is a hugely popular scheme, perfectly suitable for beginners who want to test out their abilities before fully committing to a purchase.

Hire Leaflet Pic

The new pianos we offer on the rental scheme:Reid Sohn 115

George Steck
Hamlyn Klein



The second-hand pianos we have for rental are: Yamaha Upright




Please find below the details on our Rental Charges:

Piano Rental Prices 2015

We rent our pianos in 6 month installments, after your first 6 months you have 3 options:

1. Continue Renting

– If you have been enjoying the piano, but are still unsure about purchasing it you can continue renting the piano for as long as you like in 6 month installments.

2. Return the Piano

– If you’ve tried the piano for 6 months and decided its not for you, we’ll take the piano back.

3. Purchase the Piano

–  If you would like to purchase the piano you’ve been renting or any piano from our stock, we subtract 100% of the NET you’ve been paying towards the rental over the first 6 months from the purchase price.