Grand Piano Restoration – Work-in-progress

This page will follow the progress of a Bechstein Model B grand piano restoration in our factory at 184 St Ann’s Road, Tottenham, London N15 5RP. The piano was originally made in Berlin circa 1907.

We start the full restoration of a grand piano by disassembling the piano. Here we can see that the frame and strings are severely corroded and in a rather poor state.

Bechstein Grand Piano Restoration - detail

Grand Restoration - Closeup of strings

Grand Piano Restoration

We restore the frame and the soundboard by removing the frame and making repairs to the soundboard.

Grand Restoration - piano soundboard repair

Piano Restoration - repairing the soundboard

The soundboard needs to be perfect in order to maintain the pianos sound character.

Grand Restoration - perfecting the soundboard

The frame needs work to correct any problems caused by this pianos long and eventful life.

Grand Restoration - restoring the frame

The soundboard and bridge needs further work in the next phase of the restoration.

Grand Restoration - further work to the soundboard

Grand Restoration - repairing the bridge

The soundboard must be sealed with a combination of spray treatments.

Piano Restoration - sealing and spraying the soundboard

Grand Restoration - Soundboard and bridge complete

Cutting felt to fit piano frame

Inserting felt to fit piano frame

Re-stringing grand piano - detail

Inserting tuning pins grand piano - detail

Inserting tuning pins and restringing grand piano - detail

Rebuilding grand piano - detail

Replacing the piano strings is not as simple as you may think. The bass strings have to be specially made and wound to the exact specifications of the original instrument, this ensures that the tone is as faithfully restored to the original as closely as possible.

Replacing bass strings on a grand piano

Piano bass strings

The image above shows the custom made bass strings.

Bass strings - strung to frame

Restrung grand piano

Well, that’s as far as we have got to-date. Please check back regularly to see the progress of this grand piano restoration.