Grand Pianos

J Reid Pianos have hundreds of grand pianos at our north London showrooms. Here is a small selection of restored grand pianos below. To make an enquiry about buying or hiring a grand piano please complete our enquiry form.

Samick Grand Piano in IvorySamick grand piano in Ivory.

Bechstein grand image 1Bechstein grand piano details TBC.

Bechstein grand ebony image 2Bechstein – 6′ 6″ grand piano, ebony polyester case,
on round legs and lyre – fully restored.

Bechstein rosewood image 1Bechstein – 6′ 6″ grand piano, French polished rosewood case,
on round legs and lyre – fully restored.

Bluthner grand image 1Bluthner – 6′ 5″ grand piano in ebony polyester case.
– with fretwork music desk.

Challen grand image 1Challen grand piano details TBC.

Feurich grand image 1Feurich grand piano details TBC.

Ibach grand piano image 1Ibach – 5′ grand piano in Arte Nouveau style, French polished
ebony case – fully restored.

Kallman grand image 1Kallman grand details TBC.

Steinway grand image 1Steinway grand details TBC.

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