Appointment Basis

Come and visit our lovely showrooms by booking an appointment. We have separate showrooms for new pianos, second-hand pianos and grand pianos.

If you are interested in a specific piano, or piano type (eg. grand, upright, digital etc.) please let us know in the ‘notes’ section of the appointment.

Please book your showroom appointment here:

Alternatively, you can book by calling us at 0208 800 6907.

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Welcome to J Reid Pianos

Welcome to J Reid Pianos!

We are a family business that have been selling and delivering pianos in London for generations.

You will find our large selection of good quality New and Second-Hand pianos all in one location! Every piano is unique but we cover all the different variations the piano world has to offer.

Bluthner C1

From our London base we house over 50 grand pianos and over 100 uprights pianos!

There is no-where else you will find such a wide variety in one location.

You will find German pianos such as Seiler, Bluthner and Bechstein.

We also stock Japanese pianos such as Yamaha and Kawai. We offer these New or Second-Hand.

We hope to be as helpful as possible. If you would like further advice from our piano specialists please call: 0208 800 6907

SH Yamaha showroom     Showroom-Grands-300x225

All of our pianos are stocked in our showrooms in Tottenham, North London and free for a viewing at a time that suits you. With free parking we are easy to get to.

We are proud to have the largest selection of pianos for sale within the UK.

We also sell our own brand the Reid-Sohn Piano.

BBC Radio London feature: Made in London

Our Piano Factory & Showroom opening times:

Opening Times:

Monday – Friday:          08:30 – 16:30
Saturdays:                     10:00 – 16:30
Sundays:                          Closed


184 St Ann’s Road
Tottenham, London
N15 5RP

(Google Maps Link)

There is free parking available on the premises

you can contact us by:

Tel: 0208 800 6907

* J Reid have a huge selection of Upright Pianos and Grand Pianos available for viewing at our London factory / showrooms.

* Just one of our Tottenham showrooms has more than 30 Grand Pianos on display !

* We now have a good selection of Digital Pianos in stock, priced from just £730.00, including instruments with High Gloss Black Cabinets. Telephone 0208 800 6907 for details of our full range.

If you are browsing then why not fully explore our website, you could start by looking at our featured sale items – click here to view.

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New Yamaha in Stock

We currently have the following models in stock,

Delivery within 1-2 weeks

Please enquire for more information

  • YAMAHA P121G

Tel: 0208 800 6907

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New Kawai in Stock

We currently have the following models in stock right now,

Delivery within 1-2 weeks

Please enquire for more information

  • KAWAI K-600 SOLD
  • KAWAI K-400 
  • KAWAI K-300
  • KAWAI E-300 SOLD
  • KAWAI K-200
  • KAWAI K-15 

Tel: 0208 800 6907

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The Historic Piano Factory Building in North London

There is some interesting history about the famous J Reid Pianos’ building located on St Ann’s Road in Tottenham, North London

The historic J Reid Pianos factory building

The building is an impressive and rather unusual ediface for a thriving piano factory and outlet. It’s where you will discover J Reid Pianos, in this Georgian building, built c. 1830.

St Ann's Road - The J Reid Pianos Building - very old image

St Ann’s Road – Part of the J Reid Pianos Building – believed to be photographed around 1890

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Pianos in the Snow

As you would expect from J Reid Pianos, rain or shine, sleet or snow, we deliver whatever the weather. As the weather gets colder and we approach Christmas we become a bit nostalgic and remember some of the more chilling deliveries.

Please suggest a caption for the picture below and we’ll pick the best ones to hopefully amuse our website visitors.

J Reids Deliver in all Weathers

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Buying a Piano – FAQ

Whatever reason you have for wanting to buy a piano, sound advice can be a bit difficult to find on the internet. However, since you have managed to find this posting you are well on your way to finding what you are looking for.

You should first decide if you want a traditional acoustic piano or a digital. You also need to decide whether your piano should be an upright or a grand. Digital pianos need no tuning and usually take up less space, but their sound quality will degrade after about five years to seven years. Digital pianos are known to be particularly prone to mechanical failure and do not tend to be considered as serious competition to the acoustic traditional instrument digital pianos seek to emulate.

When buying a grand or upright piano it is crucial that you get expert professional advice – this can often be found from a piano tuner or piano teacher. If you aren’t able to get a piano tuner or piano teacher to come with you to the piano store – you will particularly need to choose a piano store that has been established for many years and is a well known piano retailer with plenty of recommendations and testimonials from their satisfied customers.

Q: Should you invest in a new or second-hand piano?

A good piano outlet will generally offer pianos from the following categories; New, Fully Restored or Pre-owned (second-hand). A very good fully restored piano from a good maker can cost more than a modern new piano. At the other end of the price scale you will generally find the old second-hand or modern second hand pianos. New upright pianos can also cost less than the fully reconditioned pianos. Ultimately your decision will depend on whether you like the tone, feel and the look of the instrument. If you want a piano to be an impressive piece of furniture that will go well with the decor in its intending setting you will most likely be happier with an older piano. If you are buying for a child to practice a mid-range new piano will suit you best.

Q: What should you buy for a beginner?
A: Mid-Range New / Rental piano

A poor, cheap piano will almost definitely be bad for a beginner and can actually put them off wanting to play piano. Mid-range new pianos are smaller than old pianos and will generally go well within the modern setting of most people’s homes. An old fully restored piano certainly has the character to make a dramatic change to the look and feel any room but they can require a little more maintenance and care than a new model would need. Centrally heated houses tend to be a little too dry for antique pianos – if you are considering an antique piano you should be more careful about knowing the history of the restored instrument, whether the original tuning pins have been appropriately replaced for example, since these factors are important in order to establish whether a humidifier should be put into the room with the piano to keep it in pristine condition.

Q: How often should I tune my piano?
A: 1-2 times a year

It is generally advised that an acoustic piano should be tuned twice a year, once in the summer and once in the winter. The reason for this is because what puts the piano out of tune is fluctuations in temperature. Once a year can sometimes be sufficient with older pianos. The cost of tuning varies according to the piano and the time needed to tune.

Q: How much space does a piano need?
A: Upright average width ~150cm.
Height varies from 85-150cm.

The size of an upright piano ranges between 85cm and 150cm tall. As a general rule the larger the piano the richer the tone due to the longer strings and larger soundboard. However, consideration should also be given to the room and acoustics of the room in which the piano will be housed because a large piano may overwhelm a small room. The piano’s width is generally about 150cm and there are normally seven and a quarter octaves on the keyboard (88 keys), there are smaller pianos available with fewer keys. Before you venture out to find your piano you should measure not only the space you wish to utilise for your piano, you should allow for the space it needs to get it in. It may also be useful to take pictures to bring with you of any passageways, doorways or staircases or small spaces which the piano removal men will need to negotiate.

Q: How much do they weigh?
A: Varies between 170-270kg

The average upright piano can weigh anything from about 170kg to 270kg. This normally depends on how large and how old it is. The older pianos tend to be larger but lighter, the modern pianos tend to be heavier as wood is being replaced by MDF composites.

If you,

We welcome all general enquiries, please complete this form at any time or you can call Susan or John on 020 8800 6907 during our opening hours.
* indicates required field

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“Why are pianos £0.99” Pianos on eBay – a Warning

Do Not Buy Pianos on eBay – There is a reason they are so cheap:

Pianos, like anything have a life-span. The average pianeBay Piano list 14-01-16 edito will last for 70-90 years if they are looked after. After that time however they are no longer useable as a musical instrument. They will constantly sit out of tune, even if you get a good tuner, the piano can fall back out of tune within a day or two. You can still use the piano for Aesthetic/Furniture reasons, but not as a musical instrument.

For this reason it is a bad idea to buy a piano on eBay, there are plenty of pianos still in circulation that have a good quality case, look very cheap but are actually not useable as a musical instrument. (see image –>)

Pianos are so large, that to dispose of them you have to get specialist movers to take them away (for a price). This is the reason you see Upright and Grand pianos so cheap on eBay. The seller can sell the piano for next to nothing, just so they don’t have to spend any money on the removal companies.

If someone is looking to sell a good quality piano, they are usually sold at Auctions where potential buyers can actually play the piano before purchase. So finding good pianos on eBay is quite rare.


Here is one experience, from the many, which some piano buyers have let us know about after they have bought pianos on ebay.

Hi John,

I wondered if you had an upright piano for a beginner. We have an 8 year old girl who has just started to play the piano. We bought her a piano for Christmas from Ebay.

Unfortunately we tried to tune it and after about two weeks it went out of tune again. The piano tuner did say if it went out of tune quickly then he doubted that it would be any good. Do you have anything in stock at the moment that would be good for a beginner. We live just outside Guildford in Surrey.

Many thanks,



We were very sorry to learn of Mr B’s bad experience from buying a piano online via ebay at Christmas for his daughter. This does seem to be an all too common experience.

We would always strongly recommend that anyone contemplating buying a piano on ebay should first have it thoroughly checked by a fully trained and qualified piano technician.

It is also important that the main person that will be learning or playing the piano should try the piano first in order to get a sense of the piano’s touch, responsiveness and general sound quality before buying.

Fortunately, all the second hand pianos at J Reid Pianos have been fully checked by our qualified technicians and always meet our strict standards before being offered for sale.

We have written directly to Mr B inviting him to bring his daughter to our North London showrooms so that he can select a piano for his daughter with the full confidence that the piano he buys will be of the appropriate standard and offer many years of playability.

– J Reid Pianos

Read some of J Reid Pianos positive customer feedback.

We welcome all general enquiries, please complete this form at any time or you can call Susan or John on 020 8800 6907 during our opening hours.
* indicates required field
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Piano Hire

Uprights or Grand Pianos for Hire
J Reid Pianos can supply you a piano for hire on a long or short-term basis.

Hiring is a great way to ‘try before you buy.’ J Reid Pianos also offer a partial refund of the hiring fees; if you decide to purchase a piano from J Reid Pianos. Many of J Reid Pianos clients have decided to hire rather than to buy, either way, J Reid Pianos provide the highest standards of service and care. Full terms and conditions for these services are available upon request. Please view which pianos are available for hire here.

J Reid Pianos - Piano Hire

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Traditional Pianos versus Digital Pianos

Because J Reid Pianos can supply both traditional and digital pianos, they are very well placed to offer good sound advice.

Generally, the traditional piano offers benefits which digital pianos simply cannot. However, J Reid Pianos believe that both kinds of piano do have their place. You may have very limited space for a piano and a smaller, lighter, digital piano may be the only kind you can feasibly house. Or, perhaps you need to interface digitally with some other equipment and you need to use a digital. Whatever the situation, you can rely on J Reid Pianos to explain all the various pros and cons – without confusing technical jargon – helping you make the right choice.

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