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Below is the list of second-hand Japanese Uprights we currently have in stock:

We tend to get new shipments at the end of each month.

Note: the Japanese made Yamaha’s have the highest build quality you will find across all Yamaha ranges.

The majority of the pianos are available to rent, prices start from:
U1’s : £50+VAT /month
U3’s: £55+VAT /month

Please look at our Rental Page for more details.

If you have any questions about the pianos, please contact us on:
Tel: 0208 800 6907
email: sales@jreidpianos.co.uk

Current Stock

When a row turns RED that means the piano is OUT OF STOCK.

Last Updated 13/07/2019




One Response to Japanese Upright Stocklist

  1. Helen Jones says:

    Dear J. Reid Pianos

    We have a beautiful black Yamaha Upright U3 we purchased from Chandlers in Rye in 2009.

    It is based in Benenden in Kent (on the ground floor) and has been played daily by a classical concert pianist over these years.

    Due to moving we are now looking at having to part from it.

    Would you interested in taking a look at it or consider buying it?

    Many thanks,

    Helen Jones
    07599 660143

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