Piano Restoration

Piano restoration by true craftsmen.

Some of the best pianos ever made are well over 100 years old. During their time they have ‘lived’ through two World Wars, natural disasters and all manner of testing events that have caused damage. J Reid Pianos have a team of highly skilled craftsmen capable of repairing and restoring any piano back to full vibrant health. The specialist skills required take a lifetime to learn and J Reid Pianos craftsmen are some of the very few left that can do this work. Whatever ‘disaster’ has struck, or however unlikely it seems that the piano can be ‘resuscitated’, please get in touch with J Reid Pianos. Like many others, you will be very glad you did. J Reid Pianos also welcome trade enquiries. As a J Reid Pianos polisher says; “Polishing fine surfaces to a high standard takes time and lots of patience. Whether the material used is old or new, the results we achieve must always be of the highest calibre.”

J Reid Pianos - Piano Restoration

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